Tips On Rolex Deep Sea Watch Maintenance

A Rolex Deep Sea warranty typically lasts for two years. After that, the owner is usually the only one responsible for keeping the watch in tip-top shape. Although they are designed for precision and resistance to wear and tear, a simple maintenance routine can do a lot of help in keeping the timepiece looking new and perfectly functioning. The following items are some basic care tips for your Rolex watch.

1. Wear it regularly. Frequent use of your Rolex watch allows you to maintain the viscosity of the lubricants keeping the gears in constant movement. If your body heat is absent, these lubricants harden and cause total stoppage or gear friction, leading to changes in the function and movement of the watch.

2. Wind it once a week. If you dont use your Rolex watch every day, make sure to wind it at least weekly, about 30 to 40 times, so that the lubricants reverted to their liquid state, the gears are reanimated and the timekeeping is kept accurate.

3. Clean it every two to three months. Dirt, body oils and dead skin accumulate in different parts of the watch. Leaving them there over a long period of time may cause case and bracelet discoloration and deterioration and bring down its value. Thorough cleaning involves the use of lukewarm water and ammonia-free wild soap. What you can do is apply the water-soap mixture on the watch using cotton balls and the gently scrub it with an old toothbrush. While scrubbing, you can submerge the watch into the water to soften hardened dirt. Once youre done, dry off the timepiece using a clean, cotton cloth and hair dryer. And see to it that moisture is fully eliminated. It is essential that you keep the winding crown tightly screwed before you start the cleaning process. Otherwise, you might damage the watchs mechanism.

4. Polish and remove scratches. It would be best to follow up cleaning tasks with this activity so that you could fully restore the watch luster. The only thing you actually need is a polishing cloth and liquid polisher for stainless steel or gold (depending on your watchs make up). Be careful about treating specific areas of the watch though because not every part needs to shine. To keep the chemical out of the brushed or scratch-less surfaces, you can use a Q-tip instead of a polishing rug so the area affected is minimized. There is no need to be aggressive as well when you are polishing your Rolex Deep Sea watch since it takes little effort to bring it back to its original form.

Now, if you find your watch seemingly in a dead state, dont shake it. This might just aggravate its condition and lead to lasting damage. Winding the timepiece usually does the trick. And if that doesnt work right away, just set it aside and wait for the lubricant to kick start the rotor on its own. If there is still no improvement after a while, read the handbook or submit your watch for a check-up and have experts fix it.